sports analysis video system

What is coachmem? is an online / webapp / software program for the analysis of sports videos. If you are a coach, this is your tool. Useful for any sport: Soccer, basketball, handball ....

Mark the highlighted moves, group the moves according to the types they are, draw on the videos, use the digital whiteboard to draw your moves and save it, create slow cameras, zoom, move forward or backward, crop the videos to download them, send links to your collaborators to see them ... is a completely online system. You don't have to worry about anything. Upload the videos from the PC at work, analyze them from the home PC and watch it from your mobile. From wherever you want, with the device you want ..

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Need to find a play? an action? sort them, name them and search for them with our powerful search engine.

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Do you want to draw on your video? Do you want to save this drawing to show to your players? Do you want to search for all your drawings?

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Analyze, think ...

Do you want to analyze the video as you draw on the board how they should have played? Do you want to save your whiteboard to the point of the particular video? That way you can prepare everything for when you tell your team.

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